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MCHS clubs 2020-2021

MCHS Clubs 2019-2020


Academic Decathalon M. Bradylong Monday-F1-Bimonthly
Amnesty International K. Emery Wed-M6-Wkly
AP Chemistry J. Schermer Tues-D1-Bimonthly
ASB (Student Government) S. Wallach M-W-F-C2-Wkly
Asian American Union C. Lui Weds-G1-Monthly
Band M. Bringedahl Friday-J6-Bimonthly
Business E. Wolper Tues-N6-BiMonthly
Carrillo Cybernetics (Robotics) N. Willis Weds-F6-Weekly
Carrillo Grind Y. Merritt Tues-I5-Monthly
Cheer A. Everson Tues&Thurs-Gym
Chinese Culture C. Lott Weds-I2-Bimonthly
Choir G. Bowers Mon-J5-Bimonthly
Coding T. Ruszler Thurs-K2-Weekly
Comic-Con A. Norris Fri-N6-Weekly
CSF A. Proud-Moreno Tues-H6-Monthly
Culinary Arts C. Spiers Mon-B2-Bimonthly
Dance R. Henry Mon-I7-Wkly
Dance-Advanced R. Henry Mon-I7-Weekly
Dance-Junior R. Henry Monday-I7-After School
ECO J. Hitchcock Thurs-N3-Bimonthly
French Club S. Richards Wed-H4-Bimonthy
Garden Club T. O'Donnell Tuesday-D6-Weekly
Gender Sexuality Acceptance club (GSA) T. Laughlin Tuesdays-J2-Wkly
Handbell G. Bowers Weds-Piano Lab-Wkly
Heart Club J. Schermer Friday-D1-Monthly
Junior State of America (JSA) J. Hitchcock Friday-N3- Weekly
KPOP Dance R. Henry Wed, Thur-I7-Weekly
LEO Club M. Doyle Thurs-N8-Weekly
Limitless S. Finister Weds-C4-Bimonthly
Love Outreach Christian D. Holly Thurs-G4-Weekly
Math Club J. Hayden Tuesday-G2-Monthly
Marine Biology E. Wolper Thurs-N6-Weekly
MCHS Auto Club S. Fleming Wed-C5-Bimonthly
MCHS Drama Club D. Elia Yen Weds-J4-Bimontlhy
Medical Careers B. Geddes Wed-E4-Weekly
Olympic Weight lifting S. Flynn Mon-Fri-Weight Rm-Wkly
Origami/Paper Art T. O'Donnell Weds-D6-Weekly
Physics E. Zumwalt Tues-D2-Bimonthly
Puma Prensa J. Hart Mon, Tues, Thurs-M3, I1
Rock Climbing R. Chandler Thurs-E3-Bimonthky
Science Olympiad K. Bradylong Thurs-D3-Weekly
Science K. Bradylong Mon-D3-Weekly
Speech and Debate B. Mansell Thurs-A1-Weekly
Stars of Hope T. O'Donnell Wed-J1-Weekly
STEM J. Schermer Monday-D1-Weekly
SWE Next C. Lui Tues-G1-Weekly
Super Computer M. Bradylong Wed, Fri-C5-Weekly
Team HBV J. Hart Weds-M3-Bimonthly
Yearbook J. Madsen Mon,Wed,Th-I7-Wkly
Yoga R. Henry Wed-I7-Weekly