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"I enjoy learning new concepts in my Algebra 2 class with my classmates, and learning how the concepts apply to the world around us, not just on paper." -Current MCHS student



About Us

The MCHS Math Department consists of ten members with an average of thirteen years of experience.  We are committed to challenging and preparing all students for success during and after high school.

Department Highlights:
Based on 2012-2016 5-year average pass rate
AP Calculus     MCHS 77%     State: 59%
AP Statistics    MCHS 72%     State: 58%

Current transition to the new Common Core State Standards

Participation in both Math Council and the Math Steeplechase 

Continued Participation and placement in the SRJC LeapFrog, AMC and Trig Star competitions 

Active Math Club


Department Members

Math Department

Courses Offered

Integrated Math I

Integrated Math II

Integrated Math  II Honors

Integrated Math III

Integrated Math III Honors


Trig/Pre-Calc Honors

AP Calculus

AP Statistics