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Physical Education

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Physical Education Calendar

P.E. Google Classroom Codes

Note: Below are the access codes for the Physical Education Department.

Following these directions to add a class

1.       Sign-in to your Google account

2.       Click the drop down menu (Right side of the page)

3.       Select ‘Google classroom’

4.       Click ‘add a course’

5.       Use your code listed below to add a class 

Google Classroom Access Codes 


0: gf3ydup

1: er7wd7o

2: q57ti7b

4: axh3bz7

5: wh3true


Mrs. Vasquez

0: rz2uiag

1: avnfkqe

3: hi6g7bs

4: 32sjycv

6: tqbcpag

Advocacy: k5zqxg3


Mr. Harbaugh

2: izq7oos

3: 5cxtegz

4: 6ug5qva

5: zgs6hch

6: cfp2kdv

Advocacy: 4nlbj2k

Mr. Higgins

1: cpsab56

2: 7qxstzc

4: jgzp6c6

5: udxfhld

6: xsz2vpm

Advocacy: 5sk6uyb


Mrs. Henry

0:  onz2z4w


Mrs. Thomas

1: dvfajwe

3: d2avlgp

5: bbld5vz


About Us

The MCHS Physical Education Department consists of five members.

We are committed to challenging and preparing all students for success during and after high school.


Welcome to the Physical Education Department! 

MCHS Physical Education classes involve both the mind and body. Our curriculum offers students the opportunity to enhance lifelong interests in physical activities, improve physical fitness, and the knowledge to lead a healthy lifestyle. We will accomplish this through a variety of opportunities including: individual and dual activities, team sports/games, flexibility work, aerobic exercise, and strength & conditioning. Our curriculum is offered in a non-threatening environment where students work hard each day to improve, build peer relationships, and have fun! 

Courses Offered

Physical Education 1
Physical Education 2
Weight Training

Contact Rob Chandler  Rob Chandler Social Science
Contact Bob Harbaugh  Bob Harbaugh Physical Education-Department Chair
Contact Jay Higgins  Jay Higgins Physical Education
Contact Sara Vasquez  Sara Vasquez Physical Education
Contact Stephanie Thomas  Stephanie Thomas Teacher