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School Sports and PE Credit

Effective since the 2012/2013 school year, participation on an interscholastic sports team may allow you to earn PE credits. This policy is not retroactive and the credits earned may only go towards fulfilling the graduation requirement for PE.

You must already have earned 10 credits of PE at school, attend and participate in both practices and games. These credits must be applied for by the dates below.

There is a form to fill out, available here (School Sports and PE Credit Information) and in the Counseling Office, and several signatures to obtain. Do not wait until the last minute to complete your form, if it is late it will not be accepted for credits. (If you have already earned the necessary PE credits for graduation, you will not be eligible to earn these credits).

Click here to see the steps needed to attain credit.

Dates for Submission of “Request for Physical Education Credits for Interscholastic Athletics”



Credit Request Form Due


Boys and Girls Soccer, Cross Country, Girls Golf, Volleyball, Girls Tennis, Football



Boys and Girls Basketball, Wrestling



Badminton, Boys Golf, Softball, Baseball, Swimming, Boys Tennis, Track and Field